This website is part of the Building Better Business Models project led by Charles Baden-Fullerand supported by the EPSRC (EP/K039695/1), with matching funding from Cass Business School, City University London, and the Mack Institute, Wharton Business School, Universityof Pennsylvania. The material on this site is constructed by and copyright © C. Baden-Fuller; S. Haefliger; A. Giudici, Cass Business School, City University London 2015.

The name Business Model Zoo is TM protected. The project’s aim is to deepen our understanding of business models and to create devices thatare useful for managers and researchers, paying special attention to innovations in the digital world. More details of the project, the team, and copies of academic papers are available on the CENTIVE website of Cass Business School.

About us


Charles Baden-Fuller, “Zoo Owner”
Strategic Management Society Fellow
Centenary Professor of Strategy, Cass Business School
Senior Fellow, Wharton School

Charles Baden-Fuller on why business models are so important for business success


Alessandro Giudici, “Zoo Manager”

Lecturer in Management
Cass Business School


Yossi Lichtenstein

Research Fellow, Cass Business School


Stefan Haefliger, “Zoo Director”

Strategic Management Society Fellow
Professor of Strategic Management & Innovation, Cass Business School

Stefan Haefligher on Seeking the perfect business model


Paolo Aversa

Assistant Professor, Cass Business School
Visiting Professor, University of Trento

Paolo Aversa on The effects of using multiple business models